Some nice words from our clients. The funds are strictly designed to help single-family homeowners retrofit their residences for safety purposes.
Ashwin Tiwari

Good Services and trustworthy people. You are a great addition to the Real Estate industry and I can honestly say I have never felt so looked after and treated so well.


Manju Kharwar

Excellent properties and Good services. You are always so swift in giving us an update or resolution if there is a problem or query related to any purchase or allotment.


Durgesh Mishra

It was a pleasure dealing with you, good range of properties and excellent services. Will recommend Proptech to friends in the future.



Vikash Kumar Sharma

This property is very good. Consultants were friendly, professional and approachable. They made the process fast and simple.

Namrata Dwivedi

Good consulting firm. They addressed my questions professionally and in a very timely manner.